A downloadable game for Windows

Have you ever gone to the store hoping to buy your Usual Brand of favorite Stuff You Use but when you get there you realize "Oh, wow, they don't make it anymore?" and this retail associate comes from around the corner and is like "Have you tried Off Brand? It's basically just the same thing except repackaged and made by some other company with varying reviews" and you're like "Golly thanks 8)" because you didn't really go to the store with the intention to have a social interaction that day, and to top it off you feel extremely obligated now to buy this off brand garbage because your Stuff just needs to get Done and your options are thin?

Haha anyway here's my fanmade friendsim hack.

With help from the extremely talented Zich, he threw together a working friendsim code that I could stick my greasy little fingers into and make a playable fanfiction - I'd like to make more chapters, possibly. I personally hardly know how to code, but I'd learn anything for Homestuck apparently.

I did this for fun and because I love Tagora you.


Install instructions

All you should have to do is unzip the Friendfic1on1 file to your desktop (or wherever) and play the renpy application "tagora_friendsim" inside; don't remove anything from the Friendfic1on1 folder, the application needs to be played in it.


Friendfic1on1.zip 55 MB


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Here's my review. I still haven't gotten around to finishing reading the thing but I AM looking at all the code in it that I can to figure out how to recreate the UI for myself and I just found a picture of a cat in the gui files. ten out of ten.

I loved being able to see and interact with Tagora again, I can't wait for any future updates!